8kg weight loss in 4 months (7 courses)

My name is M Siahpushan. After my pregnancy I tried different diets to lose weight, but not the principled one, the result was more weight gain. One of the main reasons was I had no enough motivation to follow a diet regularly.
I met Dr. Roshandel and got a diet. I realized I can be in touch with the group online. It was so fascinating to me. Listening to Dr. Roshandel’s messages made me more motivated to follow the diets faithfully.
Although Following a diet is not easy, but the important fact is that” every one, everyone can be successful in this path with determination and effort “according to Dr. Roshandel. I passed few courses of diet so far, and I am sure I am getting my body’s nutritional needs. I could lose 8kg in 4 months.

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