Limoome introduction

Limoome is a specialized diet therapy clinic that in 2016, backed by its 25 years of experience in diet therapy and thousands of successful reports, has started its activity in Telegram.
Our clinic, by the help of traditional and modern medicine (temperament and metabolism), is tried to provide everyone health and prevention of various diseases. Therefore, by presenting best diet plans, based on metabolism and temperament, full collective resistance (increasing motivation over the course of diet) and teaching nutritional, temporal and psychological tips, in social Medias, intends to change Iranian lifestyles practically.

Limoome diet plans bases:

  • Iranian traditional medicine (ITM) with thousands years of experience
  • Modern medical science on metabolism
  • 7000 research papers of “Taam Asraar” institute
  • Extensive researches on Iranian lifestyle, diet and temperament
  • Dr.Roshandel knowledge and experience
  • Diet therapy specialists

Special diet plans based on temperament

Combining temperament and modern diet therapy we provided very effective diet plans. In other words, by the help of temporal knowledge, we understand more about individual’s physical condition and suitable foods for each temper type. By creating a co-ordination between the individual temper and metabolism, and the compatible foods for, we suggest the specified amount of special food at specific time to every person. Then, besides getting fit, you will experience a sense of health that you have never had before.

Special diet programs for pregnancy and breastfeeding periods

Considering the crucial role of nutrition in human health, it is necessary to provide the best and most appropriate nutrition for the very sensitive periods of pregnancy and breastfeeding. Limoome pregnancy diets are designed to control weight of mother and balance of fatal growth, prevent maternal nutritional deficiencies and to minimize the pregnancy complications such as vomiting, nausea, hypertension, gestational diabetes and…

Kids and adolescent special diet programs

Parents, rarely, designate a nutritionist beside a pediatrician. Our specialists, by considering all aspects of this period of life, provide programs that focus on physical health, growth and nutritional efficiencies. We assure you that you will trust our programs and see effectiveness in the very first moth.

Our team

Mahdiar Khoraman

Mahdiar Khoraman

Morteza Ahmadi

Morteza Ahmadi

Sales Manager
Mohammad Hadi Manuchehrirad

Mohammad Hadi Manuchehrirad

Customer Support Manager
Mohammad Ali Haji Hamedan

Mohammad Ali Haji Hamedan

Tech Lead