How many kilos should we lose in each course of diet?

People, usually experience more weight loss, during their first course of diet, but most of them gain little weight after, and in the latest courses their body is more resistant to weight loss process.

Statistics show that mostly people refer to the nutritionist, after passing some diets, so their body is resistant to lose weight, therefor, the amount of weight loss for women is 1-3kg and for men 2-4kg per each course. However, if the diet is carefully and faithfully followed, the result will be better.

We should be aware that weight loss is also affected by gender. Men can lose weight faster than women, because of the difference in their metabolism. Here is a very important fact; “how do we look at our diets?” it is better to not wait until our diet our, and we go back to our former routine. Rather, we need to learn how to change our life style in order to get healthier life.

The other fact we should know about the rate of weight loss or gain is that, every year, a person can gain 1-4 kg due to the age increasing. As the age increases, the metabolism goes down, and according to the traditional medicine, the body becomes cold, so it tends to increase the storage amount. Of course, this can be managed by a principled diet plan too.

Despite common mistakes, obesity happened to us in a long-term period, so losing 20kg over a year, less than 2 kg in a course, is a great and admirable result. Meanwhile, one year is a great time to change habits and lifestyle.

The result is that losing even 1 kg in each course, is still good and standard result, as it stabilizes our weight over is better to have a long-term vision and patience, and to not be disappointed of slow but sustained weight loss.

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