3-day slimming diet

Nowadays, short-term slimming diets are very popular. These diets, like 3-day slimming diet, General Motors, 5kg weight loss in a week and…… that promise us the maximum weight loss in the least possible time.

Such diets have a noticeable warning that if not follow the diet faithfully, the result will be weight gain instead.in fact, they should be called obesity diets rather than sliming ones, because after finishing the course, you would gain extra kilos than before.

3-day diets are typically single-food diets, imagine what will happen to your body that could not find its essential needs. Another problem of these diets is your body water loss. Therefore the reason of weight loss is actually decreasing the amount of your body water rather than fat. So in most of them, it is mentioned that these diets are temporal and the only permanent method to lose weight is changing your lifestyle. In addition to all above, these diets can cause stopping in the weight loss process, and the person cannot easily lose weight after returning to the former weight. This is the most tragic result.

We emphasized that following a standard diet and losing 1-3 kg in 21-day course is the best choice to guarantee your health. However, there are low-risk solutions for those who ask for faster diets, thus, with the nutritionists’ perception and based on their personal specifications, they can have intensive diets.

You can easily apply for intensive diet by presenting your personal specification through Telegram, and enjoy our 14-day or 12-day diets as the fast and healthy diets. These diets are designed based on individual specification and cannot be used as a general plan. Therefore, our strong recommendation is, never share your diet even with your family members.

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