Lose weight or keep the face fat, this is the matter

One of the things that happen during a slimming diet is losing the face fat; we are different at this point, and we can be divided into three groups;

The first group is those who, their face is the first part which loses fat.

The Second group is those who, in the last stages of diet, their face show changes


The last group is those who are luckiest, diet have no effect on their face.

About30-40% of people are in the first group, but what do really happen to them?

The total amount of fat of face is 20-50g. In this group, at the first steps of diet, this amount of fat loses from their face that makes them worry. Of course, in their case, the first part that gains fat is the face too.

The important fact about face is this, no matter how much you lose weight 4 or 20 kg, your face only loses 50g fat, so, we always advise this group to drop a kilo more than their target weight. For example, if somebody needs to lose 20 kg, we advised him/her to lose 21kg, an add one kilo during the last course of diet, means the stabilizing course.

Some other helpful tips can help them to refresh their face too, such as eating diet jelly or splashing rose water on face before sleeping.

Anyway, the most important factor for this group is to be patient, follow their diet carefully and be sure that they can fix this problem too at the end of their diet course. Definitely, it is important to convey this awareness to their belonging too and assure them about their way to health.

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