Lose weight with a golden countdown

Perhaps we all have repeatedly said to ourselves; “from tomorrow morning, I’ll get up early, or I will not eat fast food any more, or promise I will go jogging. “But that tomorrow never came. When we decide to change something in our life, the first step is to determine a period of 21days. Although some changes may need much more time, but better we make them 21 days by 21days.

Now why 21 days?
The law of 21-day makes any changes possible. In the period of 21 days, or 3 weeks, a new habit can be fully formed. The first week is the golden week;
We call the first week the week of decision and cognition, which need patience and resilience. If, during this week, we keep in our mind, our promise to ourselves, our goal and destination, we are ready to go to the next week proudly.

Second week:
Second week is the week of repeating the experience. This week is easier than the former one because we are more adapted to the new habit in our daily life.

Third week:
The third week is the week of consolidation. In this week, the former habit is replaced by the better and more positive one. From the end of this week we live with a new habit, and it is not possible to return unless we want to return. Take note that you can determine a single goal for each period of 21days.
In these 21 days, our mind must recognize only one goal to concentrate its entire available means to achieve that goal. We should not have any gap between our days in this period, if so we have to go back to the drawing board again.
It is required to memorize your goal mornings and nights.

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